Andrew Fraser Hunter  and Narelle Doris Hutchinson

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Who's a lovely boy then!

Andrew Fraser Hunter (Drew) was born in 1953 at Bearsden Scotland.  The youngest of six children of George and Ann Hunter (nee Fraser).  At 4 years of age. on the 26th June 1958 Andrew emigrated with his family to Australia and settled at 22 Eaton  Road West Pennant Hills in New South Wales.

Drew  2 y.o. in Scotland

He went to Beecroft Public School in 1959 and then to Pennant Hills West Primary School in 1962 and finally Cumberland High School at Carlingford in 1966 and left in in 1971.

Drew top right - Fred Sattler top row  3rd left - Sandra Davidson 2nd row far right

Eaton Road was relatively isolated with few children in close proximity. As a result much of Drew's childhood was spent on his own or with the Davidson's. A major social centre was the Gospell Hall only 300 metres down the road.  Drew's first Sunday School teacher was Donald Horton, later to marry his sister Ann.  

How many kids can you fit in Don's  S-type Jaguar
L - R Col Sattler, unknown, Drew, Gordon Kinney, Fred Sattler, Warren Kinney, unknown c. 1965

He was first introduced to Narelle Hutchinson in 1973 by his school mate, Geoffrey Brown (pictured right), when she was only 16. Geoff and Narelle's families had been friends since their parents met on their honeymoons.  Drew and Narelle started dating  in June 1974.

In 1976 they married and originally lived in the garden flat at Drew's parents house in West Pennant Hills.  In 1977 they decided to see some of Australia and traveled  to Queensland , visiting Peter Prowse in Uralla on the way.  They then returned to Sydney where Narelle celebrated her 21st birthday and then continued their travels culminating in Toodyay (approx 100 kilometers east of Perth) and where they had their first taste of country life.

Osama Bin Hunter in The Flinders Ranges 1978

In 1979 they returned to NSW but decided to forego the city and went to stay with Peter Prowse at Uralla.  They eventually rented a run down cottage on Balala Station for only $15 rent per week.  Uralla wasn't all they that hoped and they returned briefly to Toodyay however this proved somewhat of a disaster after only seven weeks and again returned to Uralla where the rented a house from John and Glenys Jackson at Mount Butler near Invergowrie.

Drew started business (BIZEQUIP) in partnership with Vince Cohen in February 1982 and times were hard when Colin was born in 1982.  Then only just over 14 months later David and Alan were born in February 1984 .   By 1985 Drew and Vince partnered with Jim Brear and Geof Freeman to form New England Office Systems which became a very successful business. Drew's sold his interest  in 1990.

In 1986, Drew and Narelle purchased their first home, "Westwell"  Kentucky.  Which is small farm of 55 acres located 35 kilometres south of Armidale.

In 1992 Drew started The Walcha Telecottage, Australia first telecentre and established a reputation in small rural community development and regional communication issues.  He has written papers, case studies and presented at major conferences all over Australia  and in the USA.

In 1998 he became a member of an advisory panel to the Deputy Prime Minister, John Anderson and later to the Minister for Regional Services, Ian MacDonald. 

Drew  an enthusiastic sportsman, he played all-age soccer for Demon Knights Armidale in 2000 and continued to play grade cricket in Armidale and later in Dorrigo.  He made his 3rd grade debut in 2001 and 2nd grade debut in 2002 at 48 years of age.  In 2005/06  he was a member of the Dorrigo C Grade Premiers and still occasionally troubles the scorers with a few runs or wickets.

Colin & Drew lower RH - 2000, 4th Gde One Day Champions

He was a member of the Rural Fire Service, Deputy Captain of the Kentucky Brigade and fought major fires in the Kurrajong Heights and Colo Heights area during the 2001/2 bush fire crisis.

In 2002 he retired his trustee Z-650 and bought a Guzzi Nevada 750 which then rode until 2007 -see Pillion Point of View

In 2003 Drew & Nell (easier to remember Nell than Narelle) moved to Dorrigo (near Bellingen) where they now live on 2.5 acres with their two toy poodles Sprocket and Megs.

Having sold his motor cycle in 2007 he took up collecting guitars and now has somewhere  between 9 and 12 guitars on his wall at any one time

The Birthday Girl wif no teef

Narelle Doris Hutchinson was born at St Margarets Children's Hospital Newtown Sydney Australia in 1956.  The third child of Stephen and Norma Hutchinson (nee Ainsworth).  Shortly after her birth, her parents moved their home from Stanmore to Spurway Street Ermington and then to Kirby Street Rydalmere in 1968.

Her early piano career never took off!

Narelle had two older brothers Garry (b.1952) and Alan (b. 1954).  Garry now drives a WRX and Alan lives in Tahiti, she doesn't talk about them very much - the following picture explains all.

Narelle hasn't changed while Alan was clearly cut out for primitive life and 
Garry shows that stiff medical attitude.

Narelle attended Ermington West Public School in 1961 and then Macarthur Girl's High School at Parramatta until 1970.  

Narelle bottom row, 2nd from right

She then followed in her grandfather's, father's and older brother's footsteps and  started work at Sydney University in the photographic laboratory.  In 1975 she went to work at Macquarie University, again in the photographic department. 

His Dad asked, "Can she cook?".  Drew answered "Who cares!"

Rather than opting for the traditional settling down and buying a house, Narelle and Drew traveled widely around Australia and New Zealand.  They spent two years traveling including almost a year each in South Australia and West Australia

Not always glamorous, but always ready for adventure - Fox Glacier N.Z.

Living in WA at Nardie Homestead, she quickly fell in love with country life and during this was began her life long love affair with horses.

Her first horse 'Clive' at Nardie WA  1978

Narelle has become an accomplished horsewoman, having competed successfully in local dressage competition.  She has also acquired considerable experience in horse handling and training.

In 1989 they moved to the New England and Narelle worked in the photography unit at the University of New England. Coincidental to their taking up long term residence in the New England, it turned out that Narelle's great, great grandparents, William and Fanny Seabrook lived and died in Armidale.  William, with his partner Brown, built many of the areas most famous buildings including Booloominbah then the main administration building  at UNE.

The demands of three very young children took a large part of her life in the 80's and 90's when she remained a home mother for the entire period of the children's schooling.

With her 3 boys in Armidale Park 1986

In 2001, Narelle began to write and has since continued her writing and now a member of the Dorrigo Writers Group. 

With their boys all living in Brisbane, together now in Dorrigo they have developed a very handsome garden and lifestyle in one south eastern Australia's rare high rainfall regions.


The happy couple after 25 years - Canberra 2001  and again after 30 years - 'Water Buckets Down' - Megan 2006